Congratulations to the 2022 electrical apprenticeship program graduates

Electrical engineer using digital multi-meter measuring equipment to checking electric current voltage at circuit breaker in main power distribution board.

235 students are graduating from the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee’s (JATC) electrical apprenticeship program this year. Earlier this June, The Electrical Alliance and our partners celebrated the graduate’s success with a well-deserved day that was completely dedicated to their achievements.

These grads now have Journeyman status which allows them to travel all over the United States and Canada without having to reprove themselves or their skills. This also means they will be able to earn top pay wherever they go. 

Many graduates are currently working with a reputable contractor and will continue to work with them as long as they see fit. Of course, by having Journeyman status and top-level training from the JATC, they’re empowered to move and work wherever life takes them. 

“It gives me such a sense of pride, knowing how hard my staff and the students work to complete the program,” said Christopher M. Cash, a Director of Apprenticeship for the IBEW Local Union 26. “It is not an easy curriculum and they have to work 40 hours a week while keeping up with school. To watch them grow over the 5 years is like night and day. The way this program and this industry changes their lives is amazing.”

One of the most valuable benefits of the JATC program is that it’s equivalent to a four year college degree—without the debt. Students get to earn while they learn as they receive a combination of classroom and on-the-job training. This is why the Electrical Alliance is an active advocate for the trades. For many people, trades are a fruitful alternative to a conventional college education because of the security it provides. 

When it comes to advice for this year’s graduates, Cash stresses they should never stop learning. 

“Set new goals and never stop until you reach those goals,” said Cash. “And challenge yourself to move the JATC program forward in the future by doing your part in recruiting the future of our industry.”

A huge congratulations to 2022’s graduates! Here’s to a bright future for you and your communities. 


Looking for a fulfilling career with rewarding benefits and pay?

The JATC provides education that gives workers the highest standard of classroom and on-the-job training. Unlike most training programs, the JATC doesn’t simply educate you and let you handle the rest. We educate you and then help you find quality employment throughout your career. Education also doesn’t stop at the end of your apprenticeship program. We provide continuous training for apprentices, journeymen, and supervisors throughout their careers. This helps guarantee an adequate supply of trained personnel and a more efficient workforce.

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