Electrical Alliance Endows Virginia Tech Scholarship

The Electrical Alliance has established an endowment at Virginia Tech through the Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc. The Electrical Alliance Norman Hill Scholarship will endow $100,000 to the university for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, in consultation with the Myers-Lawson School of Construction. This endowment will thusly support one scholarship award every school year, over the next five years, to a student involved in the Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program (VCEMP).

The intention of The Electrical Alliance’s support for this endowment is to assist the university in improving the educational benefits that all students at Virginia Tech receive from being part of a diverse student body. Awardees of the annual scholarship will be selected based upon their meaningful and potential contribution to the diversity of the campus, as demonstrated by a written essay from the scholarship applicant.

The Electrical Alliance is committed to supporting the training and education of young minds interested in the electrical and construction trades.

About The Electrical Alliance
The Electrical Alliance is a cooperative effort between electrical contractors and skilled craftsmen to provide quality products and services to customers and to set the standard for efficiency, productivity, and safety within the electrical industry. It is jointly sponsored by the National Electrical Contractors Association and Local 26, IBEW. To learn more, visit News & Press or follow the Electrical Alliance on Twitter @dcelec_alliance.