Getting Young Women Involved with the Electrical Trade: Our Session at Camp NAWIC

The Electrical Alliance recently led a session for Camp NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) with the goal of inspiring girls to get involved with the electrical trade. 


Camp NAWIC is a free program that teaches young girls new construction skills. Participants in high school get a chance to explore career opportunities and alternatives to college while networking and having fun with hands-on experience. 


Our session focused on the electrical trade and the various pathways to becoming a union electrician with IBEW Local 26. Led by JATC 26 instructors, the girls got to engage with real materials, tools, techniques, and math used by working electricians. They even got to experience sections of apprenticeship class modules and demonstrations that we’ve used at career fairs in the past. 


The young women learned the requirements for entering the electrical trade, the many aspects of life as a journeyman, and examples of the specific work done by electricians. They also enjoyed demonstrations of exothermic welding, proper safety protocols, and equipment. 


“We want to see more women enjoying and benefitting from the electrical trade because they’re still under-represented,” said Cordelia Evans . “It’s a much more affordable option when compared to college. In a few years, they could have a rewarding, financially stable career and no student debt. So, by exposing them to it now, we hope it’ll stay front of mind as they start making decisions about steps after high school.” 


Do you know a young woman looking for a career that sets them up for lifelong security and benefits? Check out the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee’s (JATC) electrical apprenticeship program for details on all three track options and instructions on how to apply. 


About The Electrical Alliance
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