How the Prince William Digital Gateway will provide hundreds of jobs in the electrical field

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At Electrical Alliance, we’re dedicated to supporting efforts that improve equality and create fruitful job opportunities for citizens, particularly jobs in the electrical field.

That’s why we’re proud to support the Prince William Digital Gateway. We want to bring awareness to the project and amplify the words of our very own Kyle McMillian, our Local 26 Organizer and active voice of the Prince William Digital Gateway initiative. 

By shining a light on McMillian’s personal story and the work he does, we hope to raise awareness of the possibilities the Digital Gateway could provide to Prince William County (PWC) residents. 


What is the Prince William Digital Gateway?

The Prince William Digital Gateway is a request dedicated to improving job opportunities, schools, parks, and quality of life for thousands of PWC residents. 

The Gateway’s goal is to comprehensively change the planning approval process in the PWC area so it’s possible for data centers to apply for planning approval. Currently, only large trucking facilities and residential developments can apply for planning approval. This results in an unequal playing field for PWC residents and a lack of viable wage and union construction jobs. 

Opening up the planning approval process will lead to game-changing commercial tax gains, job opportunities, and more. Together, these efforts will provide a substantial economic boost to the entire county and its citizens.


Kyle McMillian: A case study on how the Prince William Digital Gateway could lead to fruitful life-long careers

Kyle McMillian is a 20-year union member with IBEW Local 26. He lives in the Occoquan district and is proud to call Prince William County home. He is also a proud supporter of the PW Digital Gateway because he believes it will grant more citizens with union opportunities like the one that supports him. 

McMillian used to work at Giant grocery store but, when he learned about the wages and benefits of being a union member electrician, he jumped at the opportunity. Over the past two decades, he has been able to comfortably sustain his family with his career. 

“I wish I had known about union work right after high school,” McMillian said. “I tried college but I didn’t find the stability I wanted. Once I found this profession and the union, that’s when I could start building a career that gives me the great stability I need.”

McMillian wants to create a similar stable future for more people in PWC. Part of his rewarding work now includes recruiting other electricians into the profession and he wants to maximize the number of workers he can help through the PW Digital Gateway. 

“I can promise you this: When this project gets approved, I will recruit PWC residents myself who want to get a job in the electrical trade making over $100,000 a year,” he said. “This is an important project that will provide thousands of jobs for our neighbors.”


Vote yes for the Prince William Digital Gateway and the benefits it offers to the communities. 

The Prince William Digital Gateway will lead to better jobs, better schools, better parks, and a better quality of life for PWC residents. By signing this petition, you will let the Board of County Supervisors and Planning Commission know that you support the PW Digital Gateway and the opportunity it brings to all.

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