Lifetime Safety Award Presented to Pete Courtemanche, Freestate Electric

Pete Courtemanche of Freestate Electric, recognized with Lifetime Safety Service Award.

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) of Washington recognized Pete Courtemanche, safety director of Freestate Electric Wednesday, November 4, 2020 for his outstanding contributions to advancing occupational, safety and health in the electrical industry.

Courtemanche’s relentless commitment to advancing safety efforts in the electrical industry more than qualified him as a recipient of the Lifetime Safety Service Award. He has been an active participant of the Washington, DC NECA Safety Committee for well over the last 12 years, five of which he’s led as Chairman. Most recently, Courtemanche facilitated the development of a strategic partnership with the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health SPECS Program; which recognizes members for outstanding safety performance.

President of Freestate, Tim Miller noted that, “During Pete’s tenure with Freestate, he has been responsible for developing and implementing an outstanding safety culture within our company. He’s personally trained over 1,000 Freestate employees and helped guide the company through a period of sustained growth and success.”

During Pete’s time at Freestate, the company moved into a captive insurance arrangement; which required an even larger emphasis on safety and risk management. Miller added, “Thanks to Pete’s efforts, we have enjoyed great success and a consistently low EMR. Freestate has always placed a large emphasis on Safety and Pete has been a huge contributor to this effort.” He continued, “Congratulations Pete on this well-deserved honor!”

Courtemanche’s contributions and dedication to service extend beyond the electrical industry as well. He has served in multiple capacities for the Washington Area Metropolitan Area Construction Safety Association, the NOVA Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers, and the Chesapeake Safety Council.

Courtemanche will retire in January of 2021 after 13 years of service with Freestate Electric. He will remain as an Emeritus member of the Washington, DC Safety Committee.

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