Local’s Where It’s At!

IBEW Local 26 members delivering gallons of hand sanitizer to Home & Rehab Center in Bowie, Maryland

Local 26 distributes locally made hand sanitizer to local and regional contractors & more

IBEW Local 26 electricians have heart. When they discovered that hand sanitizer had become difficult to purchase, as a result of many snatching up cleaning supplies during the pandemic, they snapped into action. Seen as a win-win by the local union, 26 was able to purchase large quantities of the sanitizer from two local small businesses, McClintock Distilling and Baltimore Spirits Company, then distribute it to their workforce in need.

The local union looks out for their union brothers and sister’s best interests in many ways, and that includes their health and safety, both on and off the job site. Local 26 worked with the Washington, DC Chapter of NECA to coordinate distribution to their contractor members and alert them of the local’s supply. Joint coordination efforts allowed for fast and easy distribution of the one-gallon jugs of sanitizer and smaller spray bottles, also provided by the union. Local 26 plans to continue the effort and is refilling empty gallon jugs for contractors with their 55-gallon barrels of hand sanitizer, as requested. Social distancing was practiced throughout the process to ensure safe distribution.

In addition to providing hand sanitizer to the many area electrical contractors that employ IBEW Local 26’s well-trained electricians, the union has also provided donations of hand sanitizer to food banks and senior centers in the area.

The local is working on acquiring face masks as well and hopes to be able to provide those in a similar way soon.

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