NECA D.C. & Members Lead Industry Adoptions for COVID-19 Response

By: Jerry Rivera, Safety Director of Washington, D.C. Chapter of NECA

COVID-19 has certainly caused an unprecedented amount of chaos across all industries. And, the electrical industry has been no exception. In many ways, NECA and its member contractors have led our industry on the COVID-19 response.

The Washington, D.C. Chapter NECA kicked off its COVID-19 response tasking its Safety Committee with outlining new and/or additional protocols and best practices for on-site job safety. The Safety Committee meets on a weekly basis for the purpose of discussing industry practices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Some of those early adoptions and more recent updates implemented, include:

Early Adoptions

  1. Social distancing maintaining 6-foot distance
  2. Self-declaration of symptoms
  3. Hand sanitation and hand washing stations
  4. COVID-19 training via toolbox in groups smaller than 10
  5. PPE-face mask, face shields, gloves and others protections

Recent Updates

  1. Decontamination of work areas, tools, equipment and personal protective equipment
  2. Designated COVID-19 ambassadors
  3. Targeted training on COVID-19
  4. Enhanced decontamination of work areas
  5. Enhanced PPE- face mask/facial covering, face shields, gloves and other protections

NECA members continue to be strategic and mindful of ways they’re able to maximize safety efforts to protect their workforce while maintaining progress with critical infrastructure work. Tim Miller, president of Freestate Electric and chairman of the LMCC recounted, “Our company took an aggressive approach early on in this crisis to make sure that all of our employees were properly educated and protected from the virus. We sent out company-wide communications regarding CDC guidelines and PPE usage on a regular basis and actively researched and procured masks, disinfectants and cleaning supplies that were provided to our job sites, ahead of the mandates from our general contractor partners.”

As COVID-19 continues to be very fluid, NECA’s Safety Committee will endeavor to look at a science-based approach in order to provide the workforce and the general public the best protection available. Miller also affirmed, “Our first priority has and will continue to be to protect all of our employees and provide them with the proper tools and education required to safely and effectively meet the needs of our customers.”

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