Power Solutions’ Edeline Rhodes Enters WBC Hall of Fame

Rhodes (who won 10 Electrical Awards)

Since 2008, the Washington Building Congress (WBC) has inducted up to five craftsmen each year into its Hall of Fame. According to the WBC, “The Hall of Fame provides a prestigious way to permanently recognize the ‘best of the best’ in our industry.”

In 2016, Edeline Rhodes, an electrician for Electrical Alliance contractor Power Solutions, LLC, was inducted into the WBC Hall of Fame. Rhodes has won ten prestigious Craftsmanship Awards during his career.

The WBC has been honoring the workers who have built the Washington, DC region with Craftsmanship Awards since 1956. Since then, more than 14,400 craftsmen have been recognized on more than 3,000 projects.

See the video that honors Rhodes and the two other craftsmen who were inducted into the WBC Hall of Fame.

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