Smart Innovations Continue to Enhance Buildings and Cities

The energy industry is anything but stagnant. And that keeps contractors on their toes when it comes to understanding the possibilities available in electrical construction.

The Electrical Alliance is a critical resource for general contractors seeking information on hot topics, such as energy efficiency and resiliency. We’ve curated some of the latest news and trends we’re keeping tabs on locally and nationally to make buildings and cities smarter so that you can stay current too: 

Dominion Energy Launches Grid Transformation Program

Big changes are coming to Virginia. “The Grid Transformation & Security Act set Virginia’s energy policy on a course for a massive expansion in new wind and solar energy – 3,000 megawatts of which Dominion Energy is committed to having in operation or under development by the beginning of 2022.” Read the full article.

The Challenge of Urban Resilience

In this article covering the breadth of innovations happening to support urban resilience Richard Sweetser, Senior Advisor to the US Department of Energy Mid-Atlantic CHP Technical Assistance Partnership said, “Combining microgrids with a new transaction model, combined heat and power is especially valuable in sustaining resilience. It can provide a continuous supply of electric and thermal energy, enhance overall grid stability and relieve congestion, withstand long outages, support variable renewable energy sources and perhaps, most importantly, better enable microgrid deployment for a diverse generation mix.” Read the full article.

MIT Engineers Build Smart Electrical Receptacle

Safety is always top of mind, so it’s exciting to see advances in this area. “The device evaluates electrical current usage from single or multiple outlets and can differentiate between benign arcs — like those caused by common household appliances — and dangerous arcs, such as those from faulty wiring that could result in a fire.” Read the full article.

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