U.S. President Joe Biden delivers speech from IBEW Local 26 in Lanham

president Biden speaking at IBEW Local Union 26.

On February 15, U.S. President Joe Biden visited the IBEW Local 26 in Lanham to deliver updates on the economy and the government’s initiatives.

The President outlined his plan to reduce the deficit and raise the US national debt ceiling, urging Republicans to help him do so.

Members of the IBEW Local 26 note Biden’s economic plan has contributed to a growing manufacturing boom across the country which is helping to create jobs, including jobs in unions.

“President Biden has long been an advocate for organizing and empowering unions, so we were proud to have him deliver important updates from the IBEW Local 26,” said Joe Dabbs, Business Manager, IBEW Local 26.

During his appearance, President Biden also ordered the federal government to do more in combating racial inequality. The order, signed during Black History Month amid increased public pressure, aims to improve access to federal programs, services, and activities for disadvantaged communities.

“We were very pleased to see this order put in place and I hope it will help us all as a nation continue to forge forward…”

For more information on President Biden’s initiatives to support unions, go to joebiden.com/empowerworkers.

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