DC Fast Charging Stations are Full Speed Ahead in Washington, D.C.

Electrical Alliance contractor installs first DC Fast Charger on East Coast

DC Fast Charging Stations are bringing more convenience to electric car owners in the Washington, D.C. area thanks to an Electrical Alliance contractor.

ABM Electrical Power Solutions (ABM) is working with eVgo to install DC Fast Charging Stations throughout metropolitan Washington, D.C. DC Fast Chargers add about 50 to 60 miles of range to an electric vehicle in approximately 20 minutes. This is much faster than standard chargers. For normal charging (3 kW), it can take six to eight hours to fully charge. With a Level 2 240-Volt charging station, it can add about 20-30 miles of range in one hour. The company is the only electrical contractor in the area performing this type of installation and was the first to install a DC Fast Charger on the East Coast.

ABM has already installed a DC Fast Charger in Northwest D.C., near the University of the District of Columbia and is finishing up two other DC Fast Charger projects in the area. The company will install about 40 more at locations spanning from Towson, Md. to Pentagon City. Dulles Town Center, St. Charles Town Center in Waldorf, Md., Frederick, Md., and the mall in Centreville, Va. are all expected to have a DC Fast Charger by the end of the year.

“It makes electric cars fit more easily into everyday life, as it can reach full power while you grocery shop. It’s more attractive for someone to have an electric car with a solid infrastructure like this in place,” said Mike Golden, superintendent of ABM Electrical Power Solutions.

The Electrical Alliance is a coalition between the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26. It’s Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is leading this technological revolution by being the first in the area to offer its electricians Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment training and the Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program.

Electric vehicle equipment installations require the skills of a highly trained electrician. Contractors and building owners can get on the right track with the Electrical Alliance. Contact Andrew Porter at aporter@electricalalliance.org and visit www.electricalalliance.org for requirements on electric vehicle equipment installation and training.


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