Two men working on electrical project

Comprehensive training

The Electrical Alliance supports the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee’s (JATC) electrical apprenticeship program. The JATC runs its accredited program in a state-of-the-art facility located in Lanham, MD. The apprenticeship is very competitive- applicants must have strong math and science skills, and pass a test and interview to be accepted. Once accepted, apprentices choose a three or five year career tracks.



Earn While You Learn

There are no tuition costs and you will get paid during your training! The hourly rate varies with the track and increases upon successful completion of on-the-job training and classroom related studies on a regular schedule.

Great Pay & Benefits

Once you’re a journeyman electrician, you can make up to $84,800/year plus benefits after completing a 5-year apprenticeship. Plus, you’ll have a solid retirement plan and excellent insurance, so you can look forward to a promising future!

Get Charged Up & Apply Today

Are you interested in this great opportunity? Visit “Get Charged Up”, the website for new applicants of JATC electrical apprenticeship program to learn more.