JATC Beating the Labor Shortage

There’s a growing labor shortage in the construction industry and firms are eager to hire. According to a survey done by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) many firms are ramping up their hiring and are in the market for the best of the best. Here’s where the Washington, DC Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) can help. It has delivered over 120 skilled electricians into the workforce in the last year alone, and its graduates have worked on some of the most visible projects in the DC area.

The worker shortages don’t just mean fewer workers, but less skilled workers and the JATC recognizes that difference. JATC apprentices are taught at state-of-the-art learning facilities that provide the perfect environment to ensure the highest level of electrical training and safety in the Washington, DC metropolitan area including BIM, conduit bending, Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program, fire alarm, OSHA, security systems and more. The facility provides hands-on equipment on which to learn, including solar panels that provide power to the building.

According to the AGC, 62 percent of responding firms are already having a difficult time filling key professional and craft worker positions and it’s only going to get more difficult. Unlike many college graduates, JATC apprenticeship graduates immediately step into jobs in the construction industry as journeyman electricians without student loan debt to repay.

With programs like JATC we are able to not only fill positions, but fill them with electricians who have been trained in the best circumstances and with the highest knowledge of safety and on the job training and promises that with each year of new graduates, you’ll continue to have enough trained, highly-skilled electricians for your critical projects.

Do you know someone that would make a great JATC apprentice? Send them over to our website or feel free to give us a call at any time at 301-429-2575.

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