I-495 Express Lanes

I-495 Express Lanes

Chesapeake Electrical Systems Inc. completed work the I-495 Express Lanes ahead of schedule and with more than a quarter million hours on the project. The project was divided by four large sections and nine sub-sections. It was coordinated into existing systems (9WMATA and VDOT) without disrupting day-to-day services. The project included:

  • Installed more than 500 highway street lighting poles
  • Installed more than 72 CCTV cameras
  • 76 dynamic messaging boards were used
  • Over 85 microwave vehicle detectors were used
  • Poured over 3,500 yards of concrete
  • Installed more than 113 miles of conduit and 378 miles of cable
  • Renovated/rebuilding 50 bridges with eight major under bridge lighting systems
  • Installed more than 90 miles of fiber with more than 5000 splices and terminations
  • Installed ten toll gantries along with nine generators


In addition to completing the I-495 Express Lanes, Chesapeake Electrical Systems, Inc. was asked to assist in the completion of the I-95 South Lanes, specifically focusing on the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) portion of the project.

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