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Statewide Journeyman and Apprentice License for Maryland Electricians

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Thanks to the Maryland Electricians Act, a statewide Journeyman and Apprentice License is finally available

For years, Local 26 electricians had to carry numerous county and city journeyman licenses to practice our trade in Maryland. Finally, this has changed.

The Maryland Electricians Act now offers a statewide Journeyman and Apprentice License. This license goes into effect July 1, 2022.

The Maryland Electricians Act comes after seven years of negotiation in the statehouse and plenty of testifying by your Local 26 representatives. We owe thanks to the bi-partisan effort led by Delegate (R) Kevin Hornberger and Senator (D) Cory McCray (IBEW Local 24 member).

This act brings plenty of important changes to the current licensure process for electricians on both the state and local level.

The crown jewel of the Maryland Electricians Act is an examination waiver for those who hold Maryland jurisdictional licenses. For example, if a worker holds a journeyman’s license in Montgomery County, they can simply apply electronically via the Electricians Act and a Montgomery County will then verify with the state. The worker will pay a nominal fee and then they will receive a Statewide Journeyman’s License without an exam. The deadline for this exam waiver is December 31, 2022.

Another important change to highlight in the Maryland Electricians Act is that it now requires at least one licensed master electrician or journeyperson electrician to be present at each electrical services jobsite. An apprentice electrician can no longer work on a jobsite without a licensed journeyperson electrician present.

There is not yet reciprocity with the District or the state of Virginia, but the Maryland Department of Labor and Licensing is hopeful it can be done. Once in effect, we encourage all journeypersons to obtain and maintain a license in the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

By having a system of statewide-licensed journeypeople, we are helping to unite and support fellow Electrical Alliance contractors, the Local 26, and NECA.

To see the full list of changes brought in by the act, to apply for a License, or to enquire about any questions, go to Maryland Electricians Act.

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