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The Electrical Alliance supports the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee’s (JATC) electrical apprenticeship program. The JATC runs its accredited program in a state-of-the-art facility located in Lanham, MD. The apprenticeship is very competitive- applicants must have strong math and science skills, and pass a test and interview to be accepted.



A lifelong career that can’t be outsourced — you can make over $96,000/year + health and retirement benefits upon completion of our five-year apprenticeship program.


Great Way to Learn

Our award-winning training program combines on-the-job training and classroom work to create a fast-paced environment that will keep you engaged.


No Student Loans

Earn excellent pay and benefits while you learn. First-year apprentices make around $43,200 + benefits. No loans to repay — you get paid while you learn.



“After graduating you definitely have the skills to be successful at the job.”

Bryan Perdomo, Journeyman Electrician, 2014 JATC Graduate*

As a program graduate Perdomo works in the field every day confident he’ll continue to be successful at his job and able to support his family.


“I have a bright future ahead of me.”

Kevin Pompey
Apprentice Electrician
4th year in JATC Program*

Pompey loves that the program challenges him in new ways every day and appreciates learning leadership skills as well.  He considers it a privilege to be part of the program.


“The instructors at the JATC are extremely unique…very hands on….and want you to succeed.”

Dustin Dawson Apprentice Electrician 2nd year in JATC Program*

Dawson enrolled in the program after leaving the Marine Corp. and has already seen it open doors for him, his future and his ability support his family.



“It’s given me a trade that I’ll know and have for the rest of my life.”

Erica Velasquez
Apprentice Electrician
2nd year in JATC Program*

As a second year apprentice in the program, Velasquez encourages those interested in applying to “just go for it—no hesitation!”

* Videos recorded January 2015

Dwayne Crossgill

1st Year Student

Mary Kirby

1st Year Student

Damian Malcolm

1st Year Student

From the Blogs

See what current and past students have to say about their own experiences, in their own words:

Program Details

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) is responsible for training the electrical and telecommunication workers employed by all signatory contractors of the IBEW Local 26 union, which covers the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and central to southwestern Virginia.

The JATC offers three fully subsidized tracks that combine cutting-edge classroom and lab-based education with hands-on, in-the-field experience, putting apprentices on a path to great pay, best-in-class benefits and job security with growth potential.

Program graduates have the opportunity to earn top dollar anywhere in the U.S., and even to transition from field work to the professional arena as a foreman, estimator, project manager, contractor or business owner. Like college, you have to apply to be accepted—not everyone is cut out for this competitive field. Unlike college, it won’t cost tens of thousands of dollars or require SAT scores for admittance.

Select Your Path:

Already an Electrician?

If you are already working as an electrician, but want the kind of pay, benefits and security only found in the union, we encourage you to contact Local 26 of IBEW. As a union electrician, you can receive on-the-job training and attend day school that will help energize your career in ways you never thought possible.

When you join, you will receive practical education so you can work with the latest technologies; work on bigger, more exciting projects for better companies; and get the kind of compensation you know you deserve—like higher pay, better health care benefits, and a pension plan to help secure your future. For more information, visit Local 26 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at

For Counselors

Help Your Students Start a High-Paying Career

The Washington, DC Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (JATC) works with schools around the region to help prospective apprentices learn more about electrical construction. This high-paying career path gives students the opportunity to work on interesting and complex projects around Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland. They are building the cities of tomorrow using the latest technology and installing highly-efficient building systems.

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Please contact us if you have questions about the program, would like a tour of our training facility, or to have us attend a college fair at your school:

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About the Electrical Alliance

The Electrical Alliance is a cooperative effort between skilled craftsmen of the Local 26, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and electrical contractors of Washington, D.C. Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) to provide quality products and services to customers and to set the standard for efficiency and productivity within the electrical industry.


About the Washington, DC Chapter of NECA

The Washington, D.C. Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) represents qualified, reliable, and experienced electrical contractors in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. To learn more about the Chapter or to put a NECA contractor to work for you, visit their site at:

About the Local 26, IBEW

Local 26, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is one of the largest unions in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Local 26, IBEW, has been serving the interests of the electrical worker since 1892. For more information about how Local 26 can represent you, visit their site at:


Contact the JATC

Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC), 4371 Parliament Place, Suite A, Lanham, MD 20706
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