Electrical Alliance Contractors Named 13 of 16 Largest Electrical Contractors in Greater Washington, D.C.

Electrical Alliance Contractors Top Washington Business Journal Annual List

Electrical Alliance contractors took 13 places of the largest 16 electrical contractors in the Washington Business Journal’s ranking of the D.C. metropolitan area.

The Electrical Alliance is a cooperative effort between electrical contractors of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and skilled craftsmen of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local Union 26.

Electrical Alliance contractors on the list (based on 2016 Washington metro-area revenue) included:

  • Power Solutions LLC – $209.08 million
  • Dynalectric, An EMCOR Group Inc. Co. – $197.77 million
  • J.E. Richards Electric Inc. – $166.67 million
  • Rosendin Electric- $154 million
  • Freestate Electrical Cos. – $141 million
  • Mona Electric Group Inc. – $115 million
  • Singleton Electric Co. Inc. – $73.9 million
  • PerLectric Inc. – $46.99 million
  • Contemporary Electrical Services Inc. – $39.95 million
  • Heller Electric Co. Inc. – $38.62 million
  • RTL Electric Co. Inc. – $21.6 million
  • Total Electric Inc. – $16 million
  • Adcock’s Systems LLC – $14.7 million

The 13 Electrical Alliance contractors on the Washington Business Journal’s list have worked on large-scale and specialty projects including the African American History and Culture Museum, the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building, Presidential Reviewing Stand and many more.

“Our Electrical Alliance contractors offer their customers peace of mind that comes with knowing work performed by our trained electricians will be executed safely and to the highest level of quality,” said Denise Mitchell, executive director, Washington, D.C. Chapter of NECA.

About The Electrical Alliance
The Electrical Alliance is a cooperative effort between electrical contractors and skilled craftsmen to provide quality products and services to customers and to set the standard for efficiency, productivity, and safety within the electrical industry. It is jointly sponsored by the National Electrical Contractors Association and Local 26, IBEW. To learn more, visit News & Press or follow the Electrical Alliance on Twitter @dcelec_alliance.