1812 North Moore Street

1812 North Moore Street

The project at 1812 North Moore Street is the tallest LEED-certified commercial building in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. Packing 580,000 square feet and 35 stories soaring to 390 feet, Dynalectric Company is performing electrical work on the Arlington, Va. project to ensure LEED-certification.

Electrical elements in the building include:

  • A pyramid that will sit at 470.5 feet above sea level and highlighted with LED lighting at the pyramid roof trusses
  • LED light fixtures throughout the building and the lobby with wall washing indirect lighting, custom recessed and pendant lights
  • A Dominion Power substation with its own utility vault in the building and backup power from a 1250 KW generator*
  • Electrical service and main distribution provided by Dominion Power transformers located below grade, with utility being 480V, 3-phase, 4 wire network service
  • Typical floors each having one electrical closet with one 400 amp, one 200 amp bus plug, one 112.5 KVA dry type transformer, two 480-377 high-voltage panels and two 120-208 low-voltage panels

1812 N. Moore Street is powered by renewable energy including wind and solar. It achieved 2 LEED ratings including LEED Platinum for building design.

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Contractor Info

Dynalectric Company
22930 Shaw Rd #100, Dulles, VA, 20166-9448
(703) 742-3500 | bburns@dynalectric-dc.com