Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

Freestate Electrical Service Company, Beltsville, MD installed a new lighting system in and around the world-famous Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The lighting system contains several clusters for specialized visual effect:

  • Attic cluster consists of 150 four-lamp fluorescents, 15 100w adjustable HID theater lights, and six 70w MV lights
  • Parapet cluster consists of 30 39w HID up lights
  • Colonnade cluster consists of 20 39w HID down lights
  • Ground lights consist of 25 100w HID up lights
  • Pole lights consist of three 400w MV lights

All fixtures were connected to a dimmer panel with computer controlling and monitoring. When a lamp burns out, an e-mail will automatically be sent to a maintenance technician.

Attic Proves Challenging
The design of the attic meant that the mounting frames for the various lights had to be constructed in the attic. Safety was also a concern when moving around the attic floor that is designed to allow light to shine through into the statuary chamber below.

Crew Gets it Just Right
A crew of eight aligned and aimed each of the 86 exterior lights individually while blocking out the fixtures on either side. Two more men in lifts adjusted the lights on high poles. All work was completed without damaging the memorial or interfering with the steady stream of tourists. The hard work and attention to detail produced impressive visual results and will likely reduce energy costs by 80 percent.

Washington, DC

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