US Fish & Wildlife’s Office

The electrical construction of the US Fish & Wildlife’s offices in the Skyline Technology Center building in Falls Church, VA was performed by J.E. Richards Electric. The renovated space is roughly 225,000-square-feet covering three floors, and serves as the new location for the US Fish & Wildlife service. Working with highly sophisticated electrical equipment, the project was on a strict schedule which required 60 electricians working on the project, usually six days a week at the job’s peak. The project also included:

  • More than 3,500 fixtures including 50 different types of fixtures
  • A variety of LED fixtures with very similar appearances, but very different performances
  • Highly efficient and energy saving lighting
  • Sensors for daylight harvesting
  • Automated window shading
  • Two electric vehicle chargers
  • 135 floor box receptacles
  • 60 electrical sub meters to more effectively monitor the building’s energy consumption
  • Fire and life-safety systems
  • Audio system that includes white noise

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Contractor Info

J.E. Richards Electric
10401 Tucker Street, Beltsville, MD, 20705
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